Amber Hendrix ConsultingAmber Hendrix, M.Ed, SSW – Amber Hendrix is a consultant, educator, and mother, with a background in Educational Counseling and Mental Health Counseling. She approaches learning and education with innovative, yet practical methods. Amber has worked in the field of education for 20 years as a teacher, child development specialist, social worker, and mental health counselor. She holds two Masters Degrees from the University of Phoenix, and Bachelor of Arts Degrees in Political Science, Secondary Education, with a minor in Dance Education from Brigham Young University. Amber recognizes that every individual learns and explores the world in unique and diverse ways.

Amber utilizes her educational and professional expertise to work individuals, families, students, educators and administrators to understand their current professional, educational and life situations. She assists them to create short-term and long-term visions, mission plans, and action plans to meet their needs and goals. Amber meets with families to evaluate their children’s current educational situation. She helps parents and educators find resources for their children and students, and also advocates for individualized educational plans alongside parents and educators. Amber believes that planning helps to ensure success for home, professional and educational settings for individuals and families.

Amber believes that each individual has the ability to actualize her full potential. She visualizes a world where each individual’s environment is designed and tailored according to her needs and interests, thus instilling in each an inherent motivation to learn and explore the world. This is possible when communities of educators, parents, political leaders, and business leaders work together to meet the needs and interests of each individual.

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