Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Part 11, Story Time with Amber and Erin

Hi, and welcome back to Story Time with Amber and Erin. Amber and Erin have collaborated to record the entire book “Diary of a Wimpy Kid“. They have also collaborated in recording many chapter books, including Freckle Juice, The Tiger Rising, Back to School Weird Kids Rule, and more. Your students and children may really enjoy listening to one while riding in the car, waiting to go into a dentist appointment, after finishing a lesson, or just to sit and enjoy. Today is a perfect day to enjoy listening to a good book.

Below is Part 11 of “Diary of a Wimpy Kid“, where we are going to learn what Greg and his brothers are writing on their Christmas lists. All of the parts of this book are waiting for you to listen to. The story continues to get more interesting and cool! If you haven’t begun to listen to this book, please go back and begin at Part 1.

Summary of Diary of a Wimpy Kid – … Only girls write in diaries though, right, or wrong? Greg just started a new school year, in middle school. The tough experiences of growing up and learning to navigate the school hallways are coming alive in the drawings and words as Greg writes them in his diary. Rowley, Greg’s friend makes his first appearance in this book. Rowle’s and Greg’s friendship will be tested along the way. Join Story Time With Amber and Erin to listen to all of the adventures these character will come across. You can find us at Story Time With Amber and Erin, our YouTube Channel. You can also follow us at Hendrix Consulting Education Facebook, Story Time With Amber And Erin Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter. Thanks for tuning in. 😀