“Don’t Give Me A Cookie Cutter Education, But Give Me All The Rights To It.” By Erin Hendrix

Erin At Aquarium“To me, equality in education equals students receiving appropriate and relevant services that meet their individual needs, within the system, NOT every student receiving the same “cookie cutter” services.”

By Erin Hendrix

Parents hate the “cookie cutter” feel to Public School Education until their child is denied some type of service or experience from it.

Parents often express, “I want my child’s education to be more individualized. Grampa Walking With Robbie and GrettaMy child does not want to do this type of work. My child needs something harder. My child needs something easier.”

However, as soon as their child is excluded from one of the Public School Education “cookie cutter” services or experiences, they advocate that their child should receive exactly what everybody else is, and not be excluded from it!

It can’t work that way. The difficult truth is, a student might be denied attendance to the next school field trip, assembly, dissection lab, or advanced placement program IF the teachers and administration feel the student cannot successfully maneuver the “cookie cutter” experience.

Parents have to be willing to exhibit the same level of individuality and flexibility, within the system, as they expect from the teachers and administration.  Their next “vacation day” from work just might have to be as a chaperone to their child’s field trip, or dissection lab, to ensure a successful experience for all involved.

That is just what the hard truth is.