Dragon Master’s read aloud by Story Time with Amber and Erin

It seems the trend right now is for several of our subscribers love dragons. We love the characters and story lines in the “Dragon Masters” series. Book #1 is about Drake a young onion farmer in the Kingdom of Bracken and commanded to the castle by King Roland the Bold. He didn’t ever consider dragons to be real. Wizard Griffith tells him that the Dragon Stone has chosen him to be a dragon master. The Dragon Stone has chosen children to the be the dragon masters including Rori, Ana, Bo, Drake and, their dragons, Vulcan a fire dragon; Shu a water dragon; Kepri a sun dragon, and now Worm, Drake’s dragon. Please remember to like and subscribe to the channel and, thanks for tuning in. You can also find us at FacebookInstagram, Pinterest, Twitter.  We are two sisters on a mission to making a positive difference by spreading fun and engaging literacy experiences across the globe. Have a great weekend! – Amber and Erin 🙂