Erin Hendrix – Erin Hendrix is an independent educational consultant, educator, literacy expert, preschool teacher, and mother. She embraces a progressive and trend-setting approach to learning and education. Erin Hendrix has worked in the field of education for more than 14 years as a teacher, consultant, integrated creative arts specialist, and founder of an integrated creative arts early childhood program. She also teaches at Sego Lily Preschool. Erin advocates for classrooms to be structured as thoughtful communities, where teachers are constantly evaluating the individual needs of students, and their families, in innovative and creative ways.

Erin’s consulting practices involves working with teachers, administrators, parents and students of all ability levels, interests, and needs. She understands that individuals learn in unique ways and she aims to help teachers, administrators, and parents find possible solutions, for their students and children, to learn in engaging, appropriate, and interesting ways. Erin believes that all individuals have a unique set of talents, abilities and interests that can be enriched and developed with the proper tools and environments.

Erin is an expert at guiding teachers, administrators, and parents through planning processes and aiding in navigating them toward their desired goals, including planning for their students’ educational and family needs, exploring different approaches to education for their students and children, and empowering them to facilitate learning environments that cater to the individual interest of their students, or children.  In addition, Erin offers an unparalleled view on the integration of arts in the classroom and how to do so easily and with little to no budget.

She is dedicated to helping others embrace a structure that can change and bend to meet each year’s unique classroom community, in addition to the other services she offers.

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Hendrix Consulting Education Division provides educational and professional consulting services, motivational speaking, integrated arts training for early childhood, elementary teachers and homeschoolers. Hendrix Consulting’s educational consultants, Amber Hendrix and Erin Hendrix, are based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. We have written an integrated arts education e-book for educators, and publish articles about the latest educational, economic, and business trends, from a personal point of view. We strategize and plan with families, students, and individuals.

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