Ireland: Creative Movement for Any Learning Space

Creative Movement is a fun way to get your students out of their chairs to explore concepts and the elements of time, space, and energy through natural body movements. Creative Movement activities help to refine gross motor skills and facilitate the exploration of movement and musical elements. In a classroom setting, Creative Movement works best as a quiet activity

Creative Movement Idea: Focus on the theme of Ireland and pose the following creative movement questions for your students to answer with their bodies.

Movement Questions: Students are posed a series of questions and are encouraged to move their bodies in ways that express their answers to the questions you pose. This type of creative movement approach encourages students to think for themselves, connect the mind and body, move in ways that feel appropriate to their bodies, and engages the students in creative thinking.

Teacher Tip: As the children are moving their bodies to answer your creative movement questions, talk about how you see them moving their bodies. Example: I see Robbie is crouching low and moving in a sneaky way to hide his pot of gold. I see Cheri is moving her feet quickly and doing an Irish jig.

Question 1: If you were a leprechaun, how would you move? Move your body like a leprechaun for 32 counts.

Question 2: If you were a four-leaf clover, how would you move? Will you start off as a seed and sprout? Will you pretend to be picked from the clover patch? Move your body like you are a four-leaf clover for 32 counts.

Question 3: If you were storm clouds, how would you move? Move your body like a storm cloud for 32 counts.

Question 4If you were raindrops, falling from a storm cloud, how would you move? Move your body like raindrops for 32 counts.