“Our Mission to Spread Fun and Engaging Literacy Around the Globe”

By Erin HendrixStory Time Pic Updated

Here at Hendrix Consulting’s Division of Education, we are working on a large project of bringing books to life using our YouTube channel called, ‘Story Time With Amber and Erin’.

Here, you will find a place where children can listen to stories as we read enthusiastically, pose open-ended questions to spark children’s comprehension, make plots and characters come to life, and ignite children’s interest in vocabulary words. Researchers suggest that bringing books to life, in a fun way, can make the difference between a child who picks up reading, easily, or struggles with learning how to read.

Our mission is, to spread fun and engaging experiences with literacy, to each and every child throughout the globe! We will be spotlighting different authors and books throughout our mission.

Eric Carle’s Spotlight!

We love Eric Carle’s picture books. Here, at Hendrix Consulting’s Division of Education, we can’t get enough of his work. All of us love everything from his tissue paper collages to imaginative characters and storylines.

We’re not the only ones who “go crazy” for Eric Carle’s work. When we, consultants Amber and Erin, would pullout an Eric Carle book in any of our classrooms, the students would always show much admiration for any of his books. They would, especially, go wild for “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and “The Very Busy Spider”.

Eric Carle’s picture books are excellent for readers of any age, but, they are fantastic for younger children because many of his storylines are engaging, easy to follow, and have patterns of repetitive questions or statements.

Here are some interesting facts about Eric Carle that we think are brilliant!

  • Eric Carle’s books have been translated into 60 languages and he has sold over 38 million copies.
  • Eric Carle loves nature and he has produced many nature based books.
  • Eric Carle wants to show children that learning is fascinating and fun through the collage picture books he creates. ß(We REALLY love this about him!)

Please, support us in our mission to spread fun and engaging experiences with literacy, by tuning into our Youtube Channel, “Story Time With Amber and Erin”. You will have fun, you really will!

The Very Busy Spider read aloud by Amber Hendrix. Join Amber on the adventure one busy spider has of spinning her web and catching a fly!

Little Cloudread aloud by Erin Hendrix. Join Erin on the adventure one little cloud has on its way to becoming one big storm cloud!

*Stay tuned for more Eric Carle read alouds, coming soon!*

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