Make Summer Reading Rad! by Erin Hendrix

Re-cap written by: Erin Hendrix   

We LOVE reading! If you ask us why we love reading so much, our answer would be because we choose reading material we are interested in and experience joy from it!

Recently, we recorded ourselves speaking about the education topic of “Reading” and we geared it toward keeping summer reading fun. We are thrilled to share the main points we discussed with you!

1. Make reading an easy and warm, fuzzy part of your family’s daily routine! Designate a space, in your home, that holds your current reading material and that is accessible by individuals, of all ages, in your family. Younger and older children will appreciate anticipating that an adult will set aside time to read with them, daily! Make sure the anticipated reading time works well with your schedule and IF an alternative activity is planned during your regular reading time, be sure to forewarn your children that reading time will be changed on that day.

2. Children of all ages ENJOY being read to! Offer to read aloud to the children, of all ages, living in your household. Offer to read that suspenseful chapter book series to your teen, or that classical literature to your high school graduate, or that delightful picture book to your toddler. What is the worst your teen can say? “No, thank you!” Keep offering your read aloud services and let them know that it is a standing offer.

3. Enroll in your local library’s summer reading program! Most local county libraries offer summer reading programs for children of all ages, and sometimes even for adults! Some track the reading progress by the number of books read, or the number of hours read. Use this fun incentive program as a fun summer activity to escape from the afternoon heat and explore exciting literature. Be sure to let your children pick their own books that align with their interests even if the books appear way above, or below, their reading levels. The most important things about a visit to the library are that the children get to choose, and feel excited about, the books they check-out from the library.

4. Put one or two books in your bag that goes along with you on your summer activities! Create beautiful memories of reading under the shade of the maple tree during your park adventures or reading on the towel, under the umbrella, during the pool check. Have a book, or two, on-hand and ready to be read anytime you have time to spare during your outdoor summer outings. These just might become your favorite memories you make all summer long!

5. Create your own incentives reading program at home! You know your kids the best and designing your own incentives reading program might be a fun, and most successful, family project to coordinate. Look for fun prizes at the dollar store, dollar aisle, or your child’s favorite store and load up on fun incentives that will create joy for your children and help them associate good feelings toward reading.

6. Donate your old books and allow your children to pick one new one for every 5, or 10, books donated! Some households are lucky to have an enriching environment loaded with many books for their children to enjoy reading at any time. If this sounds like your situation, spread a little bit of the literacy love by involving your children in gathering their old books to be donated and picking a new book for every 5, or 10, books donated!

We will post photos of ourselves going through each idea with our own children. Please, share your summer reading photos with us, as well!

Again, we LOVE reading and we remember to keep reading F-U-N, FUUUN!

*Please, share your photos of any summer reading you do that follow any of our 6 suggestions for making summer reading rad! You can post the photos in any of the comments sections of our FB page, send them in a message to us through our FB page, or email them to, or We will, then, post them on our FB page!

Have a wonderful summer!!!