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Just wait, 
There will come a time when most of what you do is
to think about what you did.
You want to be happy?

Getting Older


New Era of Tribalism in America, Globalism Takes a Hit by Dr. Roger A. Hendrix

In 1999, I created a list of trends I thought would define the first halfroger-hendrix-pic-3 of the twenty first century.

Two of these trends were globalism and tribalism.

The 2016 Presidential race showed the interplay of these two.

In part, Trump’s election was a rejection of globalism in favor of tribalism. When Trump led the Birther Movement, I concluded that he understood his actions reinforced racial prejudice that continues to hold sway in America, especially among working class whites.

Right now, tribalism is an extreme manifestation of attempting to secure age old traditions of white racial purity. So in reality this has become a battle between the forces of tribalism against the successful expansion of global economic and social cooperation with a clear preference for racial and ethnic diversity.

tribalismAm I happy that white racists voted for Trump? No, not in the least. But neither can I just ignore these groups. No doubt many whites from the upper rust belt states feel left behind because their factory type jobs have been shipped abroad.

What do I do with this kind of problem? I’m a confirmed believer that many white rust belt conservatives are dog whistling racists. Not just against Black Americans, Continue reading