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How are these teaching practices benefiting children? By Erin Hendrix

“Today’s child has become the unwilling, unintended victim of overwhelming stress-the stress borne of rapid, bewildering social change and constantly rising expectations.” –David Elkind

Our children are under immense pressure to perform, both Will Picture Sego Lilybehaviorally and academically, beyond their physical years in age. As a parent and educator, I feel outraged by these developmentally inappropriate standards and have chosen to not subject my children and students to them. Not only do today’s developmentally inappropriate standards make our children miserable and cause unnecessary stress on our teachers and caregivers, they have yet to prove how they are benefiting any of our children. Yet, we have policy makers, enough teachers, and caregivers buckling under the pressure and buying into the false idea that “earlier is better”. Frankly, I am getting tired of reading about  those happy, illiterate children of Finland whose parents 
and teachers confidently dare to allow their children and students more time in the day to play without fear of society judging for not pushing them to be little early readers and number crunchers. I want the rest of the world to start reading about the happy, illiterate children of the United States of America.

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