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“Freckle Juice” read aloud by Story Time with Amber and Erin

Happy Saturday to you!!! We are finding that most of you enjoy listening to chapter books and so, we are steadily creating playlists for you. We enjoy when you send us comments on our Youtube channel. Today we read aloud “Freckle Juice” by Judy Blume for you. It’s great to listen to it if you are bundled up in a blanket if it is cold and wintry; if you are laying on the warm sand at a beach; sitting on a chair on your back patio; in a school classroom, or; wherever you are. Thank you for tuning in to Story Time with Amber and Erin. We appreciate you! You can find this and other recordings at Story Time With Amber and Erin, our YouTube Channel. Story Time with Amber and Erin is a kid, tween and teen friendly site. Please follow us at Hendrix Consulting Education Facebook, Story Time With Amber And Erin FacebookInstagramPinterest, and Twitter. Please remember to like, comment, and subscribe to our channel. Thanks friends!!! 😀

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