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Animals begin to hibernate as a storm arrives today!

Yesterday while exploring Liberty Park in Salt Lake City, Utah, we found files of pinecones at the base of most trees. I learned that squirrels have been busy gathering food for the approaching winter. I awoke early this morning to an approaching storm which I’m sure will motivate most animals living in this area to begin hibernating. Let’s listen to our read aloud “Chipmunk Song” by Joanne Ryder and illustrated by Lynne Cherry. Please comment, like and subscribe to our channel. You can also find us at: FacebookInstagramPinterest, and TwitterWe are two sisters on a mission to make a difference by spreading fun and engaging literacy experiences across the globe. – Amber and Erin 😀


“Time To Sleep” by Denise Fleming read aloud by Story Time With Amber And Erin

This time of winter, from January to February, is so grey where I live. Doesn’t it sound wonderful to wrap up in a comfortable blanket and read or listen to a good book? Well, some animals feel a similar way. Many animals are hibernating and sleeping in cozy caves, burrows and hollows of trees. This is a wonderful story about forest animals as they settle in to hibernate for winter. Join Story Time with Amber and Erin as we read aloud “Time To Sleep” by Denise Fleming. Join Story Time With Amber and Erin to listen to all of the adventures these character will come across. Please remember to like, comment and subscribe to our channel. Story Time with Amber and Erin YouTube and Facebook are kid, tween, and tween friendly. We two sisters on a mission to making positive change by sharing fun and engaging literacy experiences to children across the globe. ‪
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