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How to Implement Process-Oriented Art to Promote Self-Confidence in Your Child by Erin Hendrix

It is commonly expressed, among parents, that what they want most for their children is to grow up with a positive sense of self, along with an abundance of self-confidence. Parents have a profound impact on their children’s self-confidence throughout their daily exchange of interactions. Self-confidence is the belief an individual has in his own abilities. Parents who consciously choose to send their children positive messages through uplifting language and unconditional love can help their children to form a positive sense of self, along with self-confidence. One fun activity, that easily facilitates the use of uplifting language and unconditional love, is an activity called process-oriented art.

Process-oriented art focuses on the process of discovery, not the final aesthetics of the project. It is one of those special activities that facilitates endless possibilities and can bring a lot of joy into children’s lives. No matter the outcome of the art, parents can praise their children for what their artwork is, not what it isn’t. Continue reading