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Welcome to Summer 2019

Welcome to back to Story Time with Amber and Erin. We are excited because it is summertime! We have already started traveling the country with our families. We will share pictures of some of explorations here with you! Get ready to be taken all around the world as we read aloud to you. We are two sisters on a mission to make a difference by spreading fun and engaging literacy experiences across the globe. Please remember to like, comment and subscribe to our channel. Happy Summer 2019! – Amber and Erin 🙂

You Can Do It!

There are a lot exciting things about the end of the school year. There are celebrations and field days. However, there can also be some stressful and scary things, like tests and presentations. Did you know that we are also constantly trying new things. It can feel stressful and scary to us too. Amber has spent the school year taking a class to improve her confidence and ability to clearly speak and read ‘out loud.’ She said that it was scary. She’s looking to learn something new and to improve, not to be perfect. Take a look at one of her year-end projects. We want you to say congratulations on completing another year. Have a great day! – Amber and Erin : )

Robin Hood Read Aloud by Story Time with Amber and Erin

Are you ready for some spring and summer adventures of your own and need a little bit of motivation? Listen to the story of Robin Hood and his Merry Men read aloud by us. It’s a classic! This book is the story by Peter Clover, and illustrated by Marcin Piwowarski. The background recording is from Murray Park, located along the middle of the Wasatch Front. The landscape here in spring has a spectrum of vivid shades of green. The rivers are full and loud due to the run off from the mountains. Sit back and join us for a merry tale. You can also find us at: Facebook, InstagramPinterest, and Twitter. Please remember to like our videos and to subscribe to our Youtube channel, Story Time with Amber and Erin. Have a great Tuesday! – Erin and Amber 😀

Let’s Feature Your Live Recording and Name on One of Our Read Alouds

Happy sunny Sunday! I’m excited to get Erin in the studio and re-record a few books. Do you have 10 minutes of video recorded in your flower patch, where you can see bugs crawling and flying around? If so, we’d love to feature it as the background for one of our read alouds. How about for “The Grouchy Ladybug?” You name and the location that you recorded the live feed will be added to the description. Have a great day! – Amber with Story Time with Amber and Erin : D