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Jamie O’Rourke and the Big Potato Read Aloud by ‘Story Time with Amber and Erin’

Join us as we read aloud an inspired Irish folktale about “Jamie O’Rourke and the Big Potato: An Irish Folktale” by Tomie DePaola. Jamie O’ Rourke, “the laziest man in all of Ireland,” was a potato farmer who was concerned about the lack of food stored for the approaching winter, due to poor crops and harvest. His hardworking wife nagged him so that it led him to go to church to pray for guidance. As luck would have it, Jamie runs into and catches a magical, whimsical leprechaun. Instead of offering the traditional pot of gold, the Leprechaun offers a magical potato seed instead. Jamie was not only able to feed himself, but also the entire village for a long time! The moral of the story is that cutting corners, or taking the easy way of a problem usually causes more trouble, than anticipated. You can find this and more read alouds at Story Time with Amber and Erin

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