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Mom’s Having a New Baby! What?!?

It’s fun to hold babies. They smell good. They’re cute when they smile and when they’re asleep. But it’s not always exciting to find out that your mom is going to have a new baby. Peter understands how you feel. He has to deal with living in a new place and the fact that his mom is going to have a new baby! He can hardly stand Fudge, younger brother. What if this new baby is like Fudge? How will he survive? Please check out our read aloud “Superfudge” and then leave us a comment, like and subscribe to our Youtube channel ‘Story Time With Amber And Erin.’ You can also find us at: Facebook, InstagramPinterest, and Twitter. Story Time sites are kid, tween and teen friendly. We are two sisters on a mission to make a change by spreading fun and engaging literacy experiences. – Erin and Amber 🙂