“Waiting” read aloud by Story Time With Amber and Erin

The weather where we live can’t make up it’s mind during summer. One day we’re all riding our bikes and jumping on the tramp. The next day it’s raining and then it begins to snow. :-/ Cozying up in soft blanket while listening to a good book and the rain outside the window sounds like a perfect way to spend part of the day. Maybe spring will come sooner or later. A pig, a bear, a puppy, a rabbit, and an owl, are all toys that are sitting on a window, waiting … What are they waiting for? The pig is waiting for the rain. The bear is waiting for the wind. The puppy is waiting for the snow. The rabbit is not waiting for anything. The owl is waiting for the moon. “Waiting” by Kevin Henkes is a New York Times bestseller and also a Caldecott Medalist. Join Amber and Erin in reading this wonderful story. You can find this and other recordings at Story Time With Amber and Erin, our YouTube Channel. We invite you to comment, like, and send recording requests us at Hendrix Consulting Education Facebook, Story Time With Amber And Erin FacebookInstagramPinterestTwitter
Amber and Erin, two sisters on a mission to making positive change by spreading fun and engaging literacy experiences to children across the globe. Have a great day! 😀