Hendrix Consulting are pleased to announce that curriculum is now available for purchase and ready to be used in your classroom or with your group.

Effective teaching has mostly to do with learning to develop and design lesson based on the makeup of the group. There is a specific set of criteria you can use to plan effective lessons. We suggest that select a general, Direct Instruction or Inquiry Based Lesson Plan Worksheet, fill it out and, answer the 11 questions on the Explanation and Clarification page if you need further support. The questions are asked, defined and given examples to give you further clarification to assist you. The worksheet are in PDF format for your use.

Hendrix Consulting Education Main Lesson Plan Worksheet

Hendrix Consulting Education Direct Instruction Lesson Plan Worksheet
(Explicitly teaching of a skill using lectures or demonstrations)

Hendrix Consulting Education Inquiry Based Lesson Plan Worksheet
(Facilitator uses questions or scenarios for active learning)

The following Lesson Plan Themes are available for purchase and ready to be used in your classroom or with your group.


Antartica – Emperor Penguins

Ants and Worms



Bugs, Bugs Everywhere!

Cats, The Popular Pet

Chinese New Year


Cinco De Mayo

Color – World of Color

Days of the Week

Dr. Seuss – Reading with Dr. Seuss



Dragon Explorations

Earth – Our Earth, Spheres; Round all the Way Around

Fall – A Time of Change

Farm – On the Farm

Pumpkins and Jack-o-Lanterns


Forest – The Forest


Halloween – Traditions and Symbols of Halloween

Heart – The Heart

Ireland and St. Patrick’s Day


Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Life Cycle of a Chick

Life Cycle of a Frog

Life Cycle of a Plant

Life Cycle of a Pumpkin



Mothers In The Wild

Polar Bears

Presidents of the United States of America

Pumpkins and Jack-o-Lanterns


Round All the Way Around – Sphere


Spring Animals

Spring Weather and Flowers

St. Patrick’s Day


The Five Senses

The Planets

The Presidents of the United States of America

The Big Star

The Moon

The Water Cycle and Snowflakes


Valentine’s Day

When you purchase a “Lesson Plan” it will be emailed to you and will include the following sections:

      • Hello Circle: 
      • Morning Movement: Move to Train Music
      • Community Circle 
      • Music Circle: 
      • Musical Element/Symbol/Notes :
      • Song: 
      • Instruments:
      • Whole Group Warm-Up:
      • Whole Group Activity: Integrated Language Arts and Creative Drama and Creative Movement:
      • Activity 1 (Integrated Creative Movement, Drama and Science):Activity 2 (Integrated Movement, Drama, & Science): 
      • Integrated Language Skills:
      • Letter/digraph/blend (explored during small movement groups):
      • Syllabication (explored during story time):
      • Plural (explored during story time):
      • Rhyming/Word Families/Site-Words (explored during story time):
      • Small Group Creative Movement/Music: 
      • Movement Card:
      • Movement Element or skill 
      • Music Element:
      • Movement Elements:
        Group Movement Yoga Poses:
      • Movement Activity #1 (Integrated Creative Drama and Movement and Language Arts):
      • Group Movement Activity #2 (Integrated Creative Drama, Movement, and Teamwork):
      • Integrated Handwriting:
      • Story-time/Skill Building: 
      • Books:
      • Focus 
      • Calendaring:
      • Visual Art (Two Activities)
        Integrated Literature and Writing Day
      • Book:
      • Good Morning Movement:
      • Hello Circle:
      • Integrated Introduction to Book: 
      • Read-Aloud: The Book
      • Literature Focus:
      • Pre-reading Activity:
      • Making Connections:
      • Snack and Open Exploration:
      • Plan-It Circle: 
      • Integrated Creative Writing: 
      • Time Management: 
      • Culminating Activity: 
      • Good-bye Train!