Enjoy the Magic of the Season with Us: Just for a Few Minutes

For the next few days let’s find 1 or 2 moments that we can enjoy the magic of the holiday season. Maybe let any worries go … just for a few minutes. Sing a song with us (find it in our recent recordings) or listen to us share a story.

Opus, the penguin, has a wish for wings that work. Well, a wish for wings that work in a different way than his. He wants ones that fly. With Christmas morning soon approaching, he decides to write Santa and ask him for wings that fly. But, uh-oh, something goes wrong on Christmas Eve and Opus’ help is needed! What happens and will Santa answer Opus’ request? Join Erin as she reads aloud “A Wish for Wings that Work” by Berkeley Breathe. Thank you for tuning in to Story Time with Amber and Erin! You can also find us at: Facebook, InstagramPinterest, and TwitterWe are two sisters on a mission to make a difference by spreading fun and engaging literacy experiences across the globe. Happy Holidays. Merry Christmas. Happy Kwaanza. Happy Hanukah. Amber and Erin 🙂