“Junie B. Jones: Smells Something Fishy” – Part 1, Read Aloud By Story Time With Amber and Erin

In Junie B. Jones’ Kindergarten class, there is a bring your pet to school day. Only pets in cages are welcome. But, no dogs and no cats! So, Junie B. cannot bring her dog to class. She spends the weekend searching for a pet to bring to class – a raccoon, a worm, ants, and a fish. Join ‘Story Time with Amber and Erin’ as they read “Junie B. Jones: Smells Something Fishy“, Part 1, to find out how pet day turns out. What pet do you think she will bring to class? You can find this and oather stories at Story Time With Amber and Erin, our YouTube Channel. You can also follow us at Hendrix Consulting Education Facebook, Story Time With Amber And Erin Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest,  Twitter. Thanks for tuning in. 😀

Amber and Erin, two sisters on a mission to spread fun and engaging literacy experiences to children across the globe.