“Over the River: A Turkey’s Tale” by Story Time With Amber And Erin

Do you know what turkeys are doing right now? RUNNNINNNGGGG. Join us for a few laughs as we read aloud “Over The River: A Turkey’s Tale” a twist on the traditional song  ‘Over the River and Through the Woods’, to make it a turkey’s tale. It’s sure to induce a few laughs! Amber and Erin, we are two sisters on a mission to spread fun and engaging literacy experiences to children across the globe. You can find this read aloud on YouTube at Story Time With Amber and Erin. Please also find us at Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.  ‪#‎thanksgivingbooks‬ ‪#‎storytimeforkids‬ ‪#‎readtochildren‬ ‪#‎storytimewithamber_and_erin‬ ‪#‎hendrixconsulting‬ ‪#‎hendrixconsultingedu‬ ‪#‎literacy‬ ‪#‎storytimewithamberanderin‬ ‪#‎picturebook‬ #derekanderson‬ ‪#‎earlychildhood #overtheriverandthroughthewoods‬.

Safe Travels! 😀

Over the River