“Too Many Leprechauns: How the Pot O’Gold Got to the End of the Rainbow” – Story Time with Amber and Erin

You want to find a Lephechaun, on St. Patrick’s Day, because it is one of the only days that they are LUCKY. However, on any other day besides St. Patrick’s Day, they are loud, noisy neighbors. In “Too Many Leprechauns: How that Pot O’Gold Got to the End of the Rainbow” by Stephen Krensky and Dan Andreasen, the leprechauns are turning Dingle upside down! Luckily, Finn O’Finnegan, returned home, and devised a clever plan brewing, along with a little luck of the Irish, to fool these clever little guys. Our sites are kid, tween and teen friendly. Check us out also at FBInstagram, Pinterest and Twitter. Are you an adult who needs a lesson plan worksheet or lesson plan for a group, then check out this site for tools resources and, follows us at Hendrix Consulting FB for articles. We are two sisters on a mission to making a positive difference by spreading fun and engaging literacy experiences to kids, tweens and teens across the globe.