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Mother’s Day is Just Five (5) Days Away! <3

Mother’s Day is 5 days away. How are you planning on showing your mom how thankful you are to her? How about a handwritten note? Flowers cut from the yard? How about her favorite dessert? These are just a few ideas. We were having fun the day we recorded “Maple.” Let us know if you notice anything changing as you watch us read this story. When Maple was a brand new baby, her parents planted a brand new Maple tree in her honor. Even though a Maple tree is not the perfect playmate, it was for Maple. They were the best of friends. Maple tree did not mind when Maple was too loud. When winter arrived, Maple shared her coat with Maple Tree. Unfortunately, Maple Tree could catch snow balls or play tag. So, the Maple Tree was not ideal for all games. Maple’s parents had a big surprise for her. Maple had a big surprise for Maple Tree. Please remember, to like, comment and subscribe to our channel. We are two sisters on a mission to make a difference by sharing fun and engaging literacy experiences across the globe – Amber and Erin